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I am Paola , a 25 year old girl from Mexico City that enjoys living life at the fullest in everything I do. Working out, traveling and eating of course. Those 3 things are the ones I enjoy doing the most, so basically that is what you will find here. I want to show and transmit to you the things I know and love.

This blog allows me to story tell further  more all of my experiences, because although i already showcase everything on my social media (which I LOVE), this is different. This a space where I can connect with you guys, and also I love writing.

I want to spread the message that having a healthy lifestyle is the best thing that happen to anyone, and can actually change your life. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences in everything I do.

And, as I always say: Don’t work for a better body, work for a better LIFESTYLE.

Thanks for being here! Enjoy…